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About our wind section… In comparison to other flourish-groups, the “Fanfarenzug Ottheinrich” consists out of quite a large number of wind section which are about 30 of them who play in different harmonies.

Rainer Bartsch conductor of the musicians since 2006, composed several pieces of music for different occasions. The “Fürstengang” was composed and had its premiere on the occasion of the inauguration of the new club house. Another piece written by Rainer is the “Seter Marsch” followed by the “Jubiläumsfanfare” which was composed on the occasion of the society’s 30th anniversary and had its premiere in front of a thrilled audience at the “Schlossfest” in 2007.

We only play native flourishes without valves – you will never find any other wind instrument with us! Our repertoire is eclectic and currently consists out of approximately 30 pieces, however you will neither find any Latin-American nor any other modern pieces in our rendition.

We are lansquenet and accordingly we have arranged our repertoire.
The lansquenet in the old days (15th – 16th century) were mercenary afoot fighting with a lance. In the past we trace the term “Fanfare” in the Arabian language “farfar” which means more or less “chatty”. Later on the Spanish word “fanfarron” meaning “bragger” developed. Only after the French designated the term “fanfarer” for blowing a trumpet in the 16th century, the term “Fanfare” could be demonstrably traced in the German language use in the 17th century.

As a traditional “Fanfarenzug” – which the “Fanfarenzug Ottheinrich” definitely is – we only play native flourishes and lansquenet barrels! Because of the missing valves the different themes are produced by the lips only and due to this we are limited to the natural scale. The “Fanfare” we use, has the Es-voice; other wind instruments (bugle etc.) are not being used by us.