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The idea of founding our “Fanfarenzug” came up in 1976, after the first historical “Schlossfest” in Neuburg. Founder, “father” and later president of the group was Mathias Schieber. He joined forces together with Jürgen Dorwarth, who had played in a different “Fanfarenzug” before. Dorwarth then became president and first bandleader of “Fanfarenzug Ottheinrich”.

In early February 1977, four drummers and eight flourish-players met for rehearsals. The first public performance followed at the “Fischergassler-Fest”- a traditional fishermen joust -four months later. Since then, the “Fanfarenzug” is an inherent part of this festival. Other performances in and around “Neuburg” followed, including the second “Schlossfest”.

One year later our society moved to its first club house, the so called “Burgwehr”. Fondly and with plenty of affection the members of the “Fanfarenzug” renovated this house and it became to us a comfortable and proper home for a couple of years.

Over the first few years of existence, the group grew rapidly and in 1979 it already consisted of 25 members. Michael Schäffner was the first flag-waver to join the association. His auburn flag showing the Bavarian golden lion was used until 1994 and can still be seen in our club house, where it is exposed as a relic of the beginnings.

In 1982, our costumes changed for the first time. From this year on, one could tell drummers, wind-section and flag-wavers apart by the colour of the socks. Until today, drummers wear red (right foot) and green (left foot), wind-section yellow (right foot) and black (left foot) socks while flag-wavers wear all black. The introduction of socks and pants was due to the refusal of members especially male) to wear tights any longer. Another founder of our society, Fritz Seebauer, came up with historical lansquenet patterns and created costumes that were already very similar to the present models made by our tailor master Wolfgang Hoffmann.

Never being member of the flourish-groups-umbrella-organisation, creativity was not only a virtue but also a necessity to us:
For this, Werner Kreitmeier group leader of the drummers at that time arranged drum-soli for several voices like “Drummer’s call” or “Crazy Sticks”. Also the other group leaders came up with many interesting ideas and themes and so our capacity grew and still keeps on growing.

In the year 1991, acting president Jürgen Dorwarth stepped back and handed overall conduction to Friedhelm Lahn. Martin Uttich became band-leader.
At this time, our corps had already grown to its current number of 60 active members.

After three years of intensive training in 1994 our flag-wavers, under administration of Herbert Weidner, achieved rank three at the 8th German championships of flag-waving.

In 1999, Martin Uttich stepped back as president because of personal concerns. His successor became Monika Kreitmeier. Thomas Kreitmeier and Rainer Bartsch became leaders of the wind-section. With this personnel constellation our society’s fortunes were led until late 2007.

In late 1999 we also moved to a new home for the second time. The “Fürstengang” desperately needed to be renovated and thousands hours of work were invested. It became and still is our home.

In the following years many concerts and performances all over Germany and Europe were played by us. Amongst those was the appearance at the “Bundesgartenschau” (Munich), performances in Neuchatel (Switzerland), Kaprun (Austria) and Etterbeek (Brussel, Belgium) to name just a few.

Our 30-years-existence was celebrated in the Year 2007. The men and women leading our society were (from 2007 and on) Michael Bachhofer (president), Jürgen Bachhofer (executive), Rainer Bartsch (group-leader wind-section), Kai Hekele (group leader drummers), Herbert Weidner (group-leader flag-wavers), Jochen Schaffelhofer (teller) and Sandra Winter (observer).

These chronicles are far away from being complete and show only a small amount of what we have achieved over three decades of making music and having fun together. These few lines hopefully indicate and give a taste of what kind of society we are and that we care for our traditions and friendship.

Jürgen Bachhofer

Michael Bachhofer


Anna Bachhofer

veröffentlicht am 6. Juli 2016