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After the wind section, the drummers format the second largest group within the “Fanfarenzug”. Partitioned into three voices (parade drum, light drum and dark drum) the group currently consists of 12 active drummers conducted by Kai Hekele. In addition to the parade and concert pieces played togehter with the wind section, around 20 other pieces are part of their repertoire as well. Besides they master two concert pieces which are composed for drummers only: “Drummer’s Call” – which sounds more like a question-answer-game between two drum voices and “Crazy Sticks” which is a challenging and fast paced drummer piece. Currently Kai is working on a new drummers solo for his team. Furthermore the drummers support their colleagues at the banners when those perform their “Wittelsbacher” acrobatics.

The drums have been kept as true as possible to the original. The drumhead is created in such a way that it appears like historical leather and the surface tension is produced by conventional tightropes. Depending on the voice and size of the drum, the diameter of the instrument ranges between 14 and 15 inch. The colours of the society are resembled by the design of the drum: black flames on a yellow base. The drumsticks made out of bamboo-stick with a felt head are kept authentic as well! Like the wind section each drummer has its own individual costume, though they differ by wearing green socks on their left leg and red socks on their right.

The drummers set the pace when marching, just as they did in the ancient days in the lansquenet army. From the simple left – left – left – right – left percussion soon more complex marching percussion developed in order to inspire thousands of soldiers for the upcoming battle. And still today they keep the “Fanfarenzug” in lock-step. In- between the pieces of music they play the six marching sequences or other different marching percussions.


veröffentlicht am 6. Juli 2016