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The fabulous Flag Bearer. With the number of four to eight small flags, up to five big flags and true to the motto “Flags up-front” the “Fanfarenzug Ottheinrich” is led by the flag bearers. While the big flags are applied as swing flags only, the small flags are also used as throw flags.

The Small Flags
The small flags cloth is 1,35m x 1,35m in size and is carried on a wooden flag pole which measures about 1,80m. The handle of the flag pole is weight down with iron which enables a maximum throw height and better flight stability! According to the historical thought of “Fanfarenzug Ottheinrich” the choice of material and the making of the flags are kept as authentic as possible. The coats of arms on the flags correspond to their historical patterns and the batik foulards are fastened to the wooden flag poles with leather bands. In this regard we are very proud of winning over the artist Irene Schleer who fabricates the coats of arms on the flags in a conventional batik technique.
The available flags display different coats of arms:
Coat of arms of “Pfalz Neuburg” since 1506 (Castle “Neuburg” with horsemen and lion)
Coat of arms of the “Wittelsbacher” from 14th Century (intersection with lions and blue-white rhombs)
Lion shield since 1214 (“Wittelsbacher” lion)
Coat of arms of “Pfalz Neuburg” since 1557 (blue lion on heart shield centered on coat of arms of the „Wittelsbacher”)
Coat of arms of “Pfalz Neuburg” since 1609 (diverse individual coats of arms)
Coat of arms of the Free State of Bavaria since 1950

The Big Flags
The big flags cloth is 2m x 2m in size and the wooden flag pole is about 2,60m long. Here the cloths are made of cotton and the prints are machine-made.
Two flags present the coat of arms of the “Wittelsbacher” from 14th Century (intersection with lions and blue-white rhombs) and two flags present the “Wittelsbacher” lion. The fifth flag presents the coat of arms of “Neuburg” on a yellow-black plaid backcloth.

The Group
Currently the group consists of 13 flag bearer. Eight of them practice the swinging and throwing of the small flag on a weekly base. During one training session a flag bearer completes about 80 sometimes up to 150 throws in which the flag is thrown to a height of five to eight meters.
The biggest challenge when swinging and handling the small flag is the necessary PetitAnge at concerts. One mistake in the swinging sequence shows immediate consequences for everyone and also for the following chronological sequences and thus on the success of the ensemble.
In order to swing the big flag it requires adequate muscular strength and in addition very good stability and a huge sense for the range of the flag pole.
The flag bearer differs from the drummer and the wind section in wearing a uniform black-yellow coloured costume. Only to them it is permitted to enhance their costume with cloths or round cords.

Based on 28 single swing and throw types, six swing sequences and nine marching-throw sequences were composed.
The “Wittelsbacher” presents itself as a real highlight; here the flags are “exchanged” in a synchronically and also acrobatically manner with the opposite flag bearer. It was specifically designed for the participation at the third German championship which took place in 1994. At that time we competed in the category “group synchronic swinging“ and “group acrobatic”; straightaway we achieved the third place in the first discipline. Two years later it was the fourth place in the “group acrobatic”.

Herbert Weidner

veröffentlicht am 6. Juli 2016