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Welcome to the homepage of theFanfarenzug OttheinrichNeuburg an der Donau

We are dedicated to historical fanfare music and at the same time to the history and traditions of our beautiful home town of Neuburg an der Donau. And you know what? We have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!

Gruppenfoto am Fischergasslerfest 2016The lively influx of young people shows that „community“ and „tradition“ are not „out“, but still pretty sexy. We don’t play rock music, at least not during the day, but we still have a rhythm that you have to keep up with. There are a lot of us, at least more than most, and if you’ve ever heard us, you’ll know what we mean. We don’t have a „uniform“ from the fanfare band mail-order catalogue. We wear doublets and berets made by the local master tailor. No two outfits are the same, as befits field trumpeters and lansquenets. We blow four-part natural trumpets and play three-part Landsknecht drums without frills. Our flagpoles are not made of space-tested plastic, but of wood and fly at least as high with the mostly hand-painted cloths. Many of our pieces are our own compositions or have been given to us exclusively by the copyright holders. We are independent, are not part of any association and, in contrast to the applause of our audience, we are not interested in competitions or marching competitions. We want to entertain and inspire, and applause is the best prize there is for us.

As you can see, dear guest: we value individuality without becoming traditionalists. The famous Count Palatine of Neuburg „Ottheinrich“ (1502-1559) used to say „Always with the times“. We also want to „keep up with the times“ without forgetting our identity. However, this requires real characters, especially young people. And we have plenty of them.
Curious? Then take the time to browse through our pages. Always come in…

Michael Bachhofer

President from 2017 to 2023